Hand warmer patches provide customizable, convenient relief from hand and wrist discomfort. Follow these tips to use them most effectively:

Clean and dry hands thoroughly before applying patches for best adherence.
Choose patches that provide many hours of low-level heat, around 104°F to 108°F. Avoid direct high heat on skin.
Apply patches to areas that need warmth the most like fingers, palms or wrists. Adjust as needed.
Rub patches firmly after applying for 30 seconds to activate the heat. Wait 1-2 minutes to reach max temperature.
For best results, use hand warmer patches anytime your hands feel cold, stiff or achy. Don’t just wait untilproblems occur.
Reuse patches up to 10-15 times until adhesive wears out. Keep backing paper for re-sticking.
Remove patches slowly and gently to avoid irritation. Do not pull hastily.
Do not apply patches over open wounds or irritated skin. Discontinue use if rashes develop.
Store patches at room temperature to maintain effectiveness. Keep backing paper for reuse.
Following directions and using hand warmer patches proactively can provide optimal relief and comfort wherever cold bothers your hands.