Warm stickers are self-heating heaters that are widely used in daily life due to their convenience and practicality. However, during transport, warming patches need special attention to ensure their safety and stability. In this article, we will introduce the matters that need to be paid attention to during the transport of warm stickers.

  1. Warm stickers need to be kept dry to avoid moisture.
    During transport, the warm stickers should be placed in a sealed bag to avoid moisture from entering. At the same time, the warming pads should be isolated from water bottles, towels and other moist items to prevent them from getting damp.
  2. Warming pads need to avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid being punctured.
    During shipment, the warm stickers should be placed in a sturdy cardboard box or wooden box with thick foam and other protective materials on the top and bottom. In addition, a protective cover can be added to the outer layer of the warm patch to further protect it.
  1. Warmers need to be kept at a stable temperature.
    During transport, if the temperature is too high or too low, it may cause the warmer to heat up prematurely or not. Therefore, you need to store the warmer in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. At the same time, you can use insulation materials to wrap the warm patch to keep its temperature stable.
  2. Attention needs to be paid to the shelf life of the warm patch.
    During transport, you should make sure that the warm stickers are within the shelf life and avoid using them after the expiry date. At the same time, the packaging and appearance of the warm stickers should be carefully checked and any damage or abnormality should be dealt with promptly.

When transporting warm stickers, attention needs to be paid to moisture-proof, breakage-proof, heat preservation and shelf life. Only by ensuring the safety and stability of the warm stickers can we ensure their normal use during transport. At the same time, it is recommended to inspect and test the warm patch before transport to ensure that its quality and performance meet the requirements.