With so many pain relief creams on the market making claims, how can you know which ones really deliver effective relief? We did the research and testing so you don’t have to. Here are the key results from our hands-on trials of the top-rated pain relief creams:

  1. Our Criteria
    We tested 10 leading OTC pain relief creams for relief of back and joint aches. We analyzed ingredients, measured time to onset of relief, evaluated duration of benefits, ease of use, scent, and absorption.
  2. Best Overall: Tiger Balm
    With a pleasing herbal aroma, fast acting relief in under 5 minutes, and hours of comfort, Tiger Balm offered the best overall performance. The gentle warming sensation helps ease muscle tension.
  3. Best Cooling Relief: Biofreeze
    Containing cooling menthol, Biofreeze lowered temperature and numbness in under 3 minutes. The cold therapy is excellent for sore joints and arthritis.
  1. Best for Daily Use: Aspercreme
    Aspercreme uses odourless salicylates for daily relief of minor aches without a strong scent. Glides on easily and absorbs quickly.
  2. Best for Exercise Recovery: Flexall 454
    This cream minimizes next-day soreness effectively when applied before and after workouts thanks to ingredients like arnica and MSM.

With the ability to compare ingredients and real-world results side-by-side, we stripped away the marketing hype and identified the pain relief creams that offer proven relief. Give one of the top performers a try for targeted relief!