Hand warmers provide portable heat to keep your hands cozy and warm in cold weather. These compact devices offer on-the-go hand warming wherever you need it.

  1. What are Hand Warmers?
    A hand warmer is a small, pocket-sized device that generates steady heat to warm up your hands. Most hand warmers contain natural charcoal that provides long-lasting heat when exposed to oxygen.

To activate heat, you simply open the hand warmer and shake the contents to allow oxygen inside. The warmer then produces safe, soothing infrared heat. This heat is gently released through the exterior of the device to warm your hands.

Hand warmers typically provide warmth for 6-24 hours before needing to be recharged by leaving them out in fresh air overnight. Reusable warmers can often be refreshed dozens of times.

  1. Choosing the Best Hand Warmers
    Look for the following features when selecting hand warmers:
    Natural charcoal heat source
    Durable, moisture-resistant casing
    6-24 hours of consistent warmth
    Reusable and refillable with air
    Compact, portable size to fit in pockets
    Soft outer material that’s gentle on hands
    Avoid single-use warmers, as reusable options are more eco-friendly and cost-effective over time.
  1. Using Hand Warmers Effectively
    Follow these tips for using hand warmers:
    Activate by opening warmer and shaking to allow in oxygen.
    Slip warmer into pockets, gloves, mittens or sleeves.
    Grasp the warmer directly for immediate palm warmth.
    Position warmer against wrists or base of fingers for arterial heat.
    Refresh overnight in open air after each use.
    Reuse for up to 1-2 seasons before replacing.
  1. Enjoy Hands-Free Warmth
    Hand warmers provide an easy way to relieve wintertime hand chill anywhere. Keep a reusable warmer with you to pop in your pockets or gloves for hours of soothing warmth at work, school, skiing or winter sports events. Give the gift of warmth with these compact, portable hand warmers.