Hand warmers provide pocket-friendly heat to warm up frigid fingers and hands on demand. These compact warmers safely generate gentle infrared warmth perfect for winter activities.

  1. What are Hand Warmers?
    Hand warmers are palm-sized devices that provide soothing heat at the push of a button or shake of a packet. Most contain natural charcoal that generates heat when exposed to oxygen.

To produce warmth, you simply open the warmer and shake to allow oxygen flow. An instant hand warmer will begin emitting infrared heat immediately, while a rechargeable warmer may take 15-30 minutes to reach maximum temperature.

Hand warmers typically provide consistent warmth for 6-24 hours before needing to be recharged. To recharge, leave an open, used warmer in fresh air overnight.

  1. Choosing the Best Hand Warmer
    Look for the following when shopping for hand warmers:
    Natural charcoal heat source
    Moisture-resistant casing
    6-24 hours of consistent warmth
    Reusable and refillable with oxygen
    Compact size for pockets and gloves
    Soft, gentle heat on skin
    Reusable options are better for the environment and more budget-friendly over time.
  1. Using Hand Warmers Effectively
    Follow these tips when using hand warmers:
    Activate according to package instructions with oxygen.
    Place warmers in pockets, gloves, sleeves or mittens.
    Grasp warmer directly for instant palm warmth.
    Position against wrists or hands for optimal heat.
    Allow used warmers to recharge overnight in open air.
    Refresh reusable warmers for 1-2 seasons before replacing.
  1. Enjoy Portable Heat Anywhere
    Hand warmers provide the perfect pocket-sized heat source for icy hands and fingers on winter days. Keep these convenient warmers ready in your pockets, bag or car to fight chill wherever you go. Give the gift of warmth with compact hand warmers.