Pain relief cream brands can increase visibility and sales through the following omnichannel tactics:

  1. Search engine ads
    Bid on keywords like “arthritis cream” and “muscle pain relief”.
  2. Influencer marketing
    Provide free samples to mommy bloggers, fitness influencers to review.
  3. Targeted social media content
    Create instructional usage videos for common pain points.
  1. Doctor recommendations
    Provide samples and clinical research to orthopedists and physical therapists.
  2. Bundling deals
    Offer multi-pack discounts online to incentivize larger orders.
  3. Retailer education
    Train drugstore staff on suggesting your creams alongside oral painkillers.
  4. Discounts and coupons
    Offer money-off promos seasonally when pain flares up.

A coordinated digital and in-store marketing strategy can effectively boost pain relief cream awareness and trial.