Selecting a high quality OEM partner is key to producing effective body heat patches. Consider these factors in manufacturer evaluation:

  1. Stringent quality certifications
    Verify ISO 13485 and GMP systems for consistent product quality and safety.
  2. Advanced mixing and sealing
    Precision metering and high shear mixing ensures uniform ingredient distribution. Automated sealing prevents leaks.
  3. Thermal stability testing
    Verify duration of warmth meets requirements through aging studies under temperature cycling.
  1. Adhesive performance validation
    Assess adhesive softness, skin feel and tack through repeated bonding tests.
  2. Analysis of ingredient stability
    Ensure iron, water, charcoal contents remain in desired ranges over shelf life.
  3. Clinical evaluations
    Validate warming duration, biocompatibility through third-party efficacy and skin sensitivity studies.

Partner with an OEM manufacturer experienced in body heat patch technology and quality systems for dependable performance.