Body heat patches provide portable warming through an exothermic reaction. Understanding the science behind how they generate and retain heat helps ensure proper use.

  1. Oxygen-activated heat generation
    Iron powder, activated charcoal and water initiate an oxidation reaction upon air exposure. This generates heat up to 104°F.
  2. Long-lasting warming
    Insulating outer layers like non-woven fabrics reduce heat dissipation for lasting warmth. Adhesives conduct heat to the skin.
  1. Temperature regulation
    Direct skin contact regulates the heat to avoid burns. Patches reach peak temperature shortly after application and gradually cool.
  2. Boosted circulation
    The warming effect stimulates blood flow to the applied area. This provides musculoskeletal pain relief.
  3. Usage and disposal
    Patches are single-use. The ingredients deplete after one application. Remove after 8-12 hours and avoid re-using depleted patches.

Understanding the technology inside heat patches helps maximize their convenient warming benefits.