Want to get the most from your pain relief cream? Proper use is key. Here are some tips:

Clean skin first – Wash and dry the area to remove dirt, oils. Creams absorb best into clean skin.
Apply lightly – Use a thin layer, rubbing gently until absorbed. Too much won’t absorb fully and can stain clothes.
Target the pain – Apply directly to the sore joint, muscles or nerves. Don’t just rub randomly.
Layer over a pain patch – For severe pain, layering options boosts relief.
Don’t bandage tightly – Light wrapping helps absorption but avoid compressing area tightly.
Reapply as needed – Effects wear off after several hours. Reapply 2-3 times per day.
Monitor skin – Discontinue use if irritation, rash, increased pain or swelling occurs.
Avoid contact with eyes, nose – Rinse immediately if cream gets into these areas to avoid irritation.
Check interactions – Ask pharmacist about using if taking oral pain medication.
Using a pain relief cream properly delivers the active ingredients right to the painful site for noticeable relief where you need it.