When cold weather hits, your customers will be seeking body warmers that actually work. Stock your shelves with the top-rated styles that will fly off shelves this winter. We’ve compiled the 5 bestselling body warmers your customers will love all season long:

  1. ThermaCare HeatWraps
    For powerful, portable heat, ThermaCare HeatWraps are a customer favorite. These air-activated wraps provide 8 hours of consistent, gentle warmth to soothe aches and pains. Ultra thin wraps contour to knees, elbows, backs and more for targeted relief.
    Customers love the ThermaCare wraps for:
    8 hours of soothing, unscented heat
    Flexible, lightweight, breathable material
    Easy on/off application with adjustable wrap design
    Ideal for arthritic joints or menstrual cramps
    Drug free heating relief
  2. HotHands Hand Warmers
    To keep hands toasty all winter long, HotHands Hand Warmers deliver must-have portable heat. These single-use hand warmers activate when exposed to air and provide up to 10 hours of soothing warmth. Safe, natural heating ingredients help retain heat in gloves or pockets for cold outdoor activities.
    Customers appreciate HotHands for:
    Long-lasting, steady warmth
    Convenient keychain packs for on-the-go heat
    Odorless, mess-free warming
    Soft, pliable design
    Affordable heating solution
  3. Zippo Hand Warmers
    For customers seeking reusable hand warmers, Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers are a winter go-to. These stylish, dependable warmers provide 5-6 hours of portable heat and are designed for years of use. Flameless models use an environmentally friendly iron core to retain and radiate heat.
    Customers love Zippo Hand Warmers for:
    Reusable design to use year after year
    5-6 hours of powerful, steady warmth
    Stylish, sleek metal shell
    Flameless model lasts a lifetime
    Fuel models provide odorless burning
  1. HotSnapZ Toe Warmers
    To keep feet warm in boots or at home, HotSnapZ Toe Warmers target temperature-sensitive feet. These single-use air-activated warmers adhere directly to toes or insoles to provide up to 8 hours of gentle, soothing heat. Thin, breathable material allows for versatile use while preventing moisture.
    Customers appreciate HotSnapZ for:
    Easy peel and stick application
    All-day heating power
    Ultra thin, discreet warming
    Soft, cushioned design
    Ideal for Raynaud’s or poor circulation
  2. Ororo Heated Vest
    For stylish, wearable warmth, Ororo heated vests are a top choice. These slim vests with integrated heating panels provide 3 temperature settings to customize heat. They’re made with soft, stretchy fabrics and discreet carbon fiber heating elements powered by a portable battery pack.
    Customers love Ororo vests for:
    Slim, lightweight, machine-washable design
    integrated, ultra-thin heating panels
    Battery operated personalized warmth
    Detachable hood for extra coverage
    Ideal for outdoor activities or daily wear

Give your customers the proven body warmers they’ll reach for winter after winter. Offering the top-rated solutions will make your store the go-to for staying cozy this season. Contact us today to ensure you have enough inventory to keep these bestselling styles stocked all winter long!