As the weather grows colder, now is the perfect time to stock up on our newest selection of body warmer patches. These innovative patches provide portable, adhesive warming power – ideal for boosting sales this winter.
With cold temperatures comes high demand for effective, affordable body warmers. Our newest patches outperform traditional warmers in key ways:

  1. Portability
    The slim, lightweight design of our body warmer patches allows for unmatched portability. Customers can easily carry the patches in pockets or bags and apply them discreetly under clothing. Unlike rigid warmers, the patches contour perfectly to the body for maximum comfort.
  2. Adhesive Warming Power
    Our body warmer patches utilize advanced adhesive technology to create consistent, gentle warmth right where you need it most. Each patch provides up to 8 hours of soothing heat, triggered by air exposure. The adhesive backing ensures the patch stays securely in place, while the breathable outer layer prevents irritation.
  3. Versatility
    From outdoor athletes to workers braving the cold, our body warmer patches deliver targeted warmth to diverse consumers. Patches can be applied to the upper back, lower back, chest, hands or any body area needing warmth. For best results, apply patches directly to skin.
  1. Custom Warming Levels
    By offering patches with different heating elements, we provide customizable warming for individual needs. Our mild, moderate and max heat patches allow customers to choose their ideal warming level for any situation. The mild 4-hour patches offer gentle, soothing heat, while the max 8-hour patches deliver more intense warmth for cold weather activities.
  2. Discreet Design
    For consumers who want warming without bulk, our body warmer patches offer an ultra slim profile. At just 2mm thin, the patches are discreet enough to wear undetected under regular clothing. For hands, our mini patches provide a low-profile design that fits comfortably under gloves.
    As the leading supplier of body warmers, we are uniquely positioned to boost your winter sales with this innovative product. Let our expertise help drive profits:
  3. Targeted Marketing Strategies
    Our team can help you connect with cold weather markets through strategic print, digital and social media marketing. We’ll highlight the patches’ ultra-convenient warming power to attract eager customers.
  1. Ongoing Support
    From product training to educational resources, we provide the tools to equip your sales team. Our staff is always available to answer questions and ensure you have the inventory you need this winter.
  2. Customized Solutions
    We can create customized patches to align with your brand, include logos or match apparel. Our in-house design team works directly with you for a personalized product.
  3. Reliable Supply Chain
    As a leading manufacturer, we maintain ample patch inventory to support your evolving business needs. Our streamlined supply chain means orders arrive on time, every time.
  4. High Profit Margins
    By stocking up now, you can take advantage of our generous wholesale rates for retailers. The patches provide high profit margins you can capitalize on this winter.

Beat the cold weather rush by stocking our innovative body warmer patches today. Call 123-456-7890 to speak with a sales representative now about the patches that have your customers talking. This winter, choose the portable, adaptable warming power that will drive sales all season long.