If your feet feel like ice cubes even with two pairs of socks on, you need our revolutionary foot warmer patches. This brilliant heated patch design provides soothing warmth directly to your soles and toes using advanced thermal technology. No more numb, achy feet!

Foot warmer patches adhere securely to the bottom of your foot using a safe, hypoallergenic adhesive. Within minutes, you’ll feel a gentle, even heat radiating through your whole foot. The heat lasts for up to 8 hours, making our patches perfect for all-day wear.

Unlike bulky electric foot warmers, our low-profile heated patches integrate seamlessly under your socks or in your shoes. The thin, flexible patches mold to your foot’s contours without uncomfortable bunching or rubbing. You’ll hardly notice they’re there…until your feet defrost!

From skiing and hiking to just relaxing at home, our foot warmer patches offer discreet, long-lasting warmth. Those with poor circulation can finally say goodbye to frigid feet and hello to soothing relief. The included adhesive backing also provides cushioning for extra comfort.

Upgrade your cold weather comfort with our innovative foot warmer patches! Check out our affordable multipacks and bulk pricing. Don’t suffer through another winter with frozen feet.