As a wholesaler looking to stock effective and top-selling hand warmer patches, you need to understand the different types available and key factors in choosing quality products. With the right selection, you can meet demand from retailers and consumers seeking reliable, long-lasting warmth for outdoor activities and cold-weather conditions.

The most popular style of hand warmers for wholesalers are air activated patches. These are thin, lightweight patches that provide heat when exposed to oxygen. The iron powder, water, vermiculite, activated charcoal and salt contained in the patches react when unsealed, providing up to 10 hours of gentle warmth without flames, batteries or electronics. Wholesalers can find air activated hand warmer patches from major brands like HotHands, Little Hotties and Warmers.

High quality air activated hand warmer patches should provide consistent, comfortable warmth between 140-150°F for the stated duration. Top products incorporate technology like ThermaMax insulation to direct heat toward the hands. Look for odorless materials and soft, flexible patches that contour nicely to hands and fit easily into gloves and pockets. Packaging in bulk quantities of 20, 40 or more brings costs down.

Another handy style are rechargeable electric hand warmers. These allow users to charge via USB and get multiple uses from one warmer. Popular versions like OCOOPA and Zippo have lithium batteries and multiple heat settings. For wholesalers, rechargeable hand warmers represent an opportunity for repeat business and brand loyalty. Look for quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, reliable heating elements, and warranties from trusted manufacturers.

No matter what type of hand warmer patches you stock as a wholesaler, be sure to offer a range of styles, sizes, heat outputs and price points. Cater to popular consumer needs like disposable air activated warmers for outdoor sports in winter, as well as rechargeable designs for everyday use. Provide value packs and bulk quantities for discount retailers. Work with recognizable brands that align with quality, safety and performance.