Hand warmer patches are essential cold weather gear in demand by retailers and consumers every winter. As a wholesaler, stocking the top products allows you to profit from lucrative sales opportunities. Choosing patches that provide safe, reliable warmth gives retailers confidence in stocking proven performers.

The best selling hand warmer patch category for wholesalers year after year is air activated disposable warmers. HotHands and Grabber are two of the most trusted brands. Look for non-toxic materials and odorless, stainless heat. Warmers should provide 10+ hours of consistent 140°F+ heat, and be thin and pliable to fit in pockets or gloves. Wholesalers can offer bulk cases of 40-200 patches to maximize value.

Rechargeable electric hand warmers represent growing opportunities for wholesalers. Popular items like the OCOOPA Rechargeable 7-Hour Hand Warmer feature rapid heating, multiple temperature settings and lithium polymer batteries. Durability is key – aircraft aluminum housing withstands drops. Long battery life and warranties give retailers confidence. Consider bundles with USB cables, wall plugs and carrying cases for convenience.

For winter sports enthusiasts, adhesive hand warmer patches allow hands-free heating. Wholesalers can provide outdoor retailers with products like HotHands Adhesive Body Warmers which stick to liners or gloves and provide all day warmth through any activity. Look for non-irritating adhesive and maximum coverage area.

Don’t forget value packs and multi-packs for gift giving and home use. Products like FNDN 6-Pack assortments of hand and body warmers let wholesalers cater to discount retailers. Mix-and-match multi-packs also encourage consumers to try different brands and heat durations.

Choosing reputable hand warmer patch brands allows wholesalers to provide quality while making profit. Do your due diligence in evaluating materials, heating performance and durability. Offer diverse products – disposable, rechargeable and adhesive – to meet varying needs. Provide bulk cases, multi-packs and bundles to optimize value. Retailers and consumers will come to depend on you for keeping stocked with the top hand warmers every winter.