Are your customers seeking effective relief from aches and pains? Stand out from the competition by stocking premium pain relief creams from our catalog. Offering specialty formulas that outperform standard creams is a proven way to attract pain sufferers while driving profits.

  1. Reduce Customer Discomfort
    From arthritis to back pain, customers experience many types of discomfort that hamper daily life. Our premium pain creams leverage ingredients like menthol, CBD, arnica, Celadrin and more to target pain receptors and provide long-lasting relief without habit-forming side effects. Potent formulas absorb quickly to ease inflammation, improving mobility and flexibility. Customers will reach for these creams again and again to alleviate pain.
  2. Clinically Backed Formulas
    We only offer pain creams using recognized pain-fighting ingredients shown to deliver results. For example, our Celadrin Joint Cream contains a patented formula proven in clinical trials to improve joint comfort in just 30 minutes. With fast-acting and scientifically tested formulas, customers can trust they’ll feel a difference quickly.
  3. Specialized Options
    From roll-ons to patches to gels, our wide variety of pain cream types and scents ensures a solution for every pain need. Customers can pick between cooling creams for sore muscles or warming creams for arthritis. Natural scents like lavender or eucalyptus provide soothing aromatherapy benefits. With diverse, specialized creams, you’ll attract newpain sufferers to your shelves.
  4. Premium Ingredients
    Quality ingredients make a real difference when it comes to pain relief. Our creams contain premium ingredients sourced from ethical partners for maximum effectiveness. For example, our CBD is organically grown hemp-derived for superior pain-blocking properties. Menthol comes from natural peppermint oil, not synthetic versions. When customers feel these creams work better, they become loyal buyers.
  1. Stand Out from the Competition0
    Major retailers carry generic pain relief creams that simply don’t measure up to our premium formulas. Our high concentrations of active ingredients outperform standard creams. Carrying our exclusive selection helps your store meet pain needs mass retailers can’t satisfy. Become the neighborhood pain relief destination.
  2. Attractive Profit Margins
    Specialty health items like premium pain creams attract higher price points and margins. With our wholesale pricing, you can earn solid profits while passing manufacturer savings to customers. Catering to pain sufferers positions you for strong revenues in this growing market.

Reduce your customers’ pain while boosting your bottom line. Contact us to stock premium pain creams that set your inventory apart from the rest. Call today to get premium solutions working for your store’s success!