Body warmer patches provide portable, on-demand warmth perfect for chilly days. These patches heat up when applied to the body, helping you brave cold weather in comfort.

  1. How Do They Work?
    Body warmers contain natural ingredients that react when exposed to oxygen. As you peel open the package, the ingredients interact, causing the patch to safely heat up. The warmer reaches up to 131°F and lasts 6 to 8 hours.
  2. Long-Lasting Heat
    Once activated, body warmer patches provide hours of steady, consistent warmth. The heat permeates multiple layers of clothing and lasts through whatever cold activities you have planned.
  3. Place Them Anywhere
    Apply body warmers directly onto the skin anywhere you feel chill. Common spots include the back, abdomen, chest, thighs, and lower back. Use multiple patches at once for extra coverage.
  1. Activities Made Cozier
    Pop a hand warmer in pockets or gloves before heading out into the cold. Place foot warmers in socks or shoes to keep toes toasty all day. Use an abdominal patch for core warmth during winter workouts.
  2. Comfortable and Thin Design
    The slim, lightweight patches measure just 5 by 3.5 inches. They contour to the body and fit discreetly under clothing without uncomfortable bulk or shifting. You’ll forget they are even there.
  3. Safe and Chemical-Free
    Body warmer patches contain natural iron powder, activated carbon, wood powder, and salt to generate safe heat. They are non-toxic and avoid side effects of chemical warmers. Dispose of used patches responsibly.
  4. Colder Weather Made Easy
    Staying active outdoors during winter is a breeze with body warmer patches. Shovel snow, wait at bus stops, tailgate at games, and more while staying perfectly warm.
  5. Affordable and Convenient
    At just cents per warmer, these patches provide an affordable way to heat up fast anytime, anywhere. Keep some handy in your bag, desk, car, and jacket pockets for instant relief from the cold.

With long-lasting heat and convenient stick-on warmth, body warmer patches are a cold weather must-have. Don’t let chilly temps stop your active lifestyle!