Is it hard to text or write in winter when your hands are icy and numb? Do you dread shoveling snow and other cold weather chores? Hand warmer patches provide the perfect portable solution for keeping hands cozy and nimble even in freezing temperatures.

Hand warmer patches are thin adhesive patches that stick directly onto the palms. Embedded inside each patch is a packet of natural ingredients that create a gentle warming heat when activated. The subtle, consistent warmth radiates through the adhesive pad to provide hours of relief for frozen fingers.

  1. Why Hand Warmer Patches Beat Gloves
    Ultra-thin design allows dexterity for typing, driving, etc.
    Apply direct palm contact warmth only where needed
    Adhesive backing eliminates slipping and adjustments
    Portable and reusable – easily carried and triggered as needed
    Provides up to 10 hours of consistent, soothing warmth
    Allows moisture to escape rather than trapping it like gloves
    For targeted hand warmth without sacrificing mobility, hand warmer patches can’t be beaten!
  1. How to Use Hand Warmer Patches
    Remove patch from packet and trigger by pressing button in center.
    Wait 1-2 minutes for warming reaction to activate.
    Peel off adhesive backing and apply firmly to palm. Smooth all edges down.
    Apply second patch to opposite palm. Enjoy immediate warmth!
    When warmth subsides, place used patches back in packet to re-trigger as needed.

With hand warmer patches in your pockets this winter, frozen fingers will be a thing of the past. Experience the convenience of portable, controllable warmth for your hands anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to stiff, painful hands in cold weather and stay cozy all season long!