As the cold weather sets in each year, many people find their chronic aches and pains worsening. Frigid temps make joints stiff, muscles tight, and even old injuries throb. If you suffer from arthritis, nerve pain, backaches, or sore knees with the changing seasons, you know the agony of feeling trapped indoors to avoid the cold. But the innovative Body Warmer Patch may provide the gentle and convenient relief you’ve hoped for.

  1. Naturally Soothing Therapeutic Heat
    The Body Warmer Patch contains a blend of iron powder, activated charcoal, water, and salts sealed into tiny pockets. When exposed to oxygen after opening the pouch, the ingredients interact to produce a sustained 104°F of heating power safely against your skin. This therapeutic warmth increases circulation, relaxes muscles, and interrupts pain signals much like a heating pad. But unlike bulky pads that tie you to an outlet, these patches are thin, portable, and provide up to 24 hours of heat from a single application.
    Just apply a patch to any ache the moment it flares up. Stiff fingers, sore lower back, throbbing shoulder–target the heat right where you need relief. The subtle warmth restores flexibility and comfort to frigid joints so you can get back to everyday tasks.
  1. Fast Pain Relief Without Side Effects
    Popping pills to get through cold snaps can come with risks like stomach bleeding, liver damage, heart complications and more. But the Body Warmer Patch provides natural pain alleviation without any worrisome side effects. The gentle heat reduces inflammation, eases muscular tension, and increases mobility.
    With patches in your bag or a drawer at work, you can find near instant relief from sudden stiffness, swelling or spasms due to changes in barometric pressure and temperature. Just apply to a clean area of skin and feel the aches rapidly fade away.
  1. Stay Active All Winter Long
    Cold weather no longer has to interfere with your quality of life thanks to the convenient Body Warmer Patch. Its sustained therapeutic heat gently restores joints, hands, and painful areas to comfortable function so you can carry on with activities. Shoveling, walking the dog, exercising, working in the garage–you can stay active even when frigid rains, snow or ice moves in.
    Don’t let aches and pains accumulate and worsen this winter. With the Body Warmer Patch‘s customizable, natural pain relief, you can keep chronic issues at bay and comfortably pursue what you love doing all season long.