If you are suffering from bothersome aches and soreness, you may be quick to reach for oral painkillers. However, topical pain relief creams can offer comparable pain soothing benefits without some of the common side effects of oral drugs. Unfortunately, many sufferers often overlook the topical route. Let’s explore why medicated creams deserve more attention for nixing pain.

First, pain relief creams feature tried and tested analgesics that temporarily alleviate musculoskeletal, nerve, or arthritic pain when massaged into the skin over trigger sites. Compound ingredients found in popular brands like BenGay, Aspercreme or Tiger Balm contain the likes of menthol, camphor, lidocaine and capsaicin to target pain at the local level. This generates outsized impact by quieting sensory nerves from shooting pain signals to the brain.

Additionally, by rubbing the analgesic concoctions directly into affected joints, ligaments or muscle areas, the compounds absorb deeper into tissue compared to orally ingested versions. This means faster and more focused relief at the source of pain points. This also reduces likelihood of side effects occurring from medications circulating systemically throughout the body unnecessarily.

Finally, topical creams mean pain relief solutions can always remain close at hand. Compact and portable tubes easily stash in purses, bags and office drawers so conveniently applying a pain rescue when discomfort unexpectedly flares becomes second nature. Easy access encourages consistent use until discomfort subsides.

So before reaching for the pill bottle, consider the much-deserved potential of topical pain relief creams. When the roots of troublesome aches or soreness remain localized, these powerful blends soothe and calm irritated areas with mess or fuss.