As temperatures drop, many people struggle to stay warm when spending time outdoors. The new body warmer patch provides a convenient, portable, and reusable way to provide soothing warmth exactly when and where you need it.

The body warmer patch measures approximately 4 inches by 2 inches – small enough to tuck into gloves, pockets, shoes, or anywhere else you’d like concentrated heat. The soft, stretchy patch conforms to curves and moves with you for uninterrupted comfort. An adhesive strip built into the patch allows you to securely stick it exactly where you want the warming sensation.

This innovative patch utilizes air-activated heat technology. As soon as the patch is exposed to open air, a chemical reaction causes the embedded ingredients to heat up. The warmer reaches a temperature of approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes, then provides steady soothing warmth for up to 8 hours. The longer the patch is exposed to air, the more warmth is activated, so it’s ready when you need it most on extra cold days. As soon as air is cut off, the reaction stops and the patch stops emitting heat.

The body warmer patch offers convenient, portable warmth for a wide variety of situations. Hikers, runners, walkers, skiers, outdoor workers, football fans and more can benefit. Simply stick a patch inside each shoe in the morning for warm toes all day long. Place patches on chest, back and core areas for full upper body warmth under coats and jackets. Warm your fingers by sticking a patch on the inside of each glove or mitten. The small heated patches can even be placed inside hats and headbands to warm ears and prevent heat from escaping through your head.

The body warmer patch provides natural warmth without wires, batteries or charging. It is latex-free, non-toxic and made from biodegradable materials. It offers allergy sufferers a safe alternative to traditional disposable chemical warmers. Best of all, it’s completely reusable – each patch provides warmth for up to 8 hours at a time, over 30+ applications. Stop wasting money on one-time-use warmers and make the switch to the economical and earth-friendly body warmer patch for all your cold weather activities. Stay outdoors comfortably longer doing the things you love with this convenient heated patch technology.