For spas and wellness retreats looking to pamper guests, integrating electric and infrared body heat pads into services enhances comfort while delivering measurable wellbeing benefits. Customizable, safe warmth offers the ultimate relaxation experience guests will love.

Far infrared mats and bands made with jade and tourmaline stones emit a gentle heat that penetrates sore muscles for immediate relief. The deep heat increases blood flow to damaged tissues speeding nutrient delivery and recovery. Guests report reduced inflammation and increased flexibility.

Targeted electric back and shoulder heating pads allow guests to personalize warmth during massages, facials and other treatments. Relaxation is taken to the next level while pads alleviate strain in overworked areas. Luxurious eye and neck warmers provide the perfect finishing touch.

Portable, wireless heat pads can be integrated into guided meditation and yoga classes. Applying heat during poses provides comfort for deeper stretching and prevent injury. Guests also stay engaged longer in classes.

Heat pads are the ideal pre-treatment to loosen muscles or post-treatment for sustaining relaxation. The benefits continue even after guests return home, with improved mobility, posture and vitality.

Offer an experience that shows your retreat is on the leading edge of wellness modalities. Educate guests on how personalized warmth enhances the benefits of services while delighting the senses. The addition of body heat pads is a unique way spas can stand out.