1. How Heat Patches Keep You Warm
    Heating patches produce gentle warmth through a chemical reaction when the ingredients are exposed to oxygen. Iron powder, salt, activated charcoal and water are common heat-generating compounds. Apply patches to torso, hands, feet and knees to warm the body’s core.
  2. Benefits of Warming Patches
    Heating patches allow you to restore warmth conveniently. They are lightweight and discreet under or over clothing. The adhesive gel adheres directly to skin for instant warming. Heat patches are safer than electric heating pads. The warmth improves circulation and relaxes muscles.
  3. Types of Heating Patches
    Large body warming patches cover the back, abdomen or chest area. Smaller patches target hands, feet, knees and elbows. Foot and toe warmers heat
  1. Using Heating Patches Effectively
    Follow instructions carefully and avoid direct skin contact longer than 20 minutes to prevent burns. Drink warm fluids while using heat patches to amplify warmth. Apply heat patches preemptively before getting chilled. Carry extras when participating in cold weather activities.
  2. Restore Warmth and Circulation with Adhesive Heat
    Heating patches provide customizable, convenient warmth to fight chills. They are easy to stash in bags and reactivate warmth whenever you need it.