When frigid temperatures arrive, it can feel impossible to get warm. Turning up the thermostat leads to high utility bills. A better solution for instant warmth is body heat patches from professional OEM factories. These thin patches stick right onto your clothing to deliver customized, affordable targeted heat. Read on to learn how high quality body heat patches safely create relaxing warmth exactly where you need it.

  1. Introducing OEM Body Heat Patches
    OEM (original equipment manufacturer) body heat patches provide soothing low-level heat through natural chemical reactions. They are produced by factories specializing in made-to-order products constructed to the highest standards. These factories expertly create the patches using substances like iron powder, sodium acetate, and plant extracts.

When activated, these ingredients trigger an exothermic reaction that safely warms the patch to 95-115°F. The ultra-thin heat patches easily adhere to any part of your upper or lower body needing customizable warmth.

  1. Tips for Using Heat Patches
    Follow these tips when using OEM body heating patches:
    Activate heat patches right before applying by clicking or exposing ingredients to air.
    Position patches near pulse points like wrists, elbows and ankles to enhance circulation.
    Layer patches over extra cold areas like the neck, back and extremities for more heat.
    Use under gloves, socks or clothing to contain and direct the warmth right where needed.
    Drink something warm to further boost your core temperature naturally.
    With OEM body heat patches, you’ll stay warm and comfortable while saving energy this winter!