Cold feet can make winter miserable. Foot warmer patches provide affordable, convenient relief. These adhesive patches stick to the bottoms of your feet and provide safe, soothing warmth for hours.

  1. How Do They Work?
    Foot warmer patches contain natural ingredients that produce a gentle heating sensation when exposed to air. Common ingredients include iron powder, activated charcoal, salt, and water. The patches offer warming relief without electricity.
  2. Benefits of Foot Warmer Patches
    Foot patches provide customizable, affordable warmth. Simply stick them on wherever you need warmth the most. They are ultra-thin and fit easily into shoes and boots. The warming relief helps improve circulation in the feet. Use them daily or save them for outdoor activities.
  3. Use Them Everywhere
    Bring foot warmer patches to the office, around the house, or on winter outdoor excursions. They last for up to 8 hours, providing all-day relief from cold feet. The self-adhesive patches conform to the foot and won’t slip around in shoes. The warmth soothes and prevents chilblains.
  4. Stay Active All Winter with Soothing Foot Relief
    Don’t let cold feet keep you inside. Foot warmer patches allow you to enjoy winter sports, outdoor work, or daily activities in comfort. The convenient patches provide natural, soothing relief from icy feet all season long.