Body warmers provide comfortable, consistent warmth to help you brave chilly weather. These wearable devices feature long-lasting heat packs that gently warm your core body temperature.

  1. What are Body Warmers?
    A body warmer is a wearable device containing insulated heat packs that provide soothing warmth. The soft, lightweight design hugs close to the body to direct gentle warmth to the core abdominal and back areas.
    Body warmers contain heat packs that provide safe, steady warmth through natural convection for up to 10 hours when activated. The heat packs can be easily recharged overnight by boiling or microwaving.
  1. Benefits of Wearable Body Warmers
    Body warmers offer advantages over bulky outerwear:
    Provide constant core warmth for up to 10 hours
    Reusable heat packs can be quickly recharged
    Soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day
    Allow freedom of movement without bulk
    Easy to conceal under clothing
    Machine washable for easy care
    Chemical-free heating method
    With a wearable body warmer, you can stay cozy throughout the day without heavy layers.
  1. Choosing the Best Body Warmer
    Look for the following when selecting a body warmer:
    Soft, breathable, and lightweight material
    Adjustable elastic to customize fit
    Conforms snugly against body
    Rechargeable heat packs included
    Provides up to 10 hours of warmth
    Machine washable
  2. Using Your Body Warmer
    Follow these tips when using your body warmer:
    Boil or microwave heat packs for 15-20 minutes to fully activate.
    Test warmth level before applying body warmer.
    Wrap snugly around abdomen and fasten adjusters.
    Wear directly against skin or over thin base layer.
    Recharge packs overnight after use.
    Hand or machine wash on cold when needed.

Stay cozy all winter long with the lasting warmth of a comfortable body warmer.