Chilly weather can make work and recreation uncomfortable or even dangerous. But revolutionary self-adhesive pads now allow you to apply instant, portable warmth directly onto clothing. These innovative body warmers stick to garments for targeted heating wherever you need it.

  1. Introducing Adhesive Warming Pads
    Adhesive body warmers provide safe, simple relief from the cold. The ultra-thin pads contain natural materials that generate a gentle heat when exposed to air. The warming pads raise in temperature to over 100°F when peeled from their protective film and applied to clothing. Users feel toasty relief from the chill within minutes.
    The breathable, latex-free adhesive backing sticks firmly to any fabric without slipping or peeling. This allows the soft, flexible pads to lie flat for discreet, consistent warming right where applied. Pads maintain soothing warmth for up to 10-15 hours of relief per use.
  2. Benefits of Adhesive Warming Pads
    Body warmers offer an easy way to warm up in cold environments:
    Peel-and-stick application onto clothing
    Flexible pads contour to any area of the body
    Self-adhesive sticks firmly without slipping
    Ultra-thin material allows movement
    Activates by air, no batteries/electronics
    Provides up to 15 hours of gentle warmth
    Soft, soothing heat up to 131°F
    Machine washable and reusable
  1. Stay Warm Wherever Needed
    The innovative pads allow targeted warming wherever you feel a chill. Stick pads directly onto clothing – torso, back, hands, legs and more. Users report body warmers help:
    Endure freezing work conditions – construction, warehouses, offshore
    Maintain dexterity and grip strength in hands and feet
    Avoid muscle cramps, stiffness and icy extremities
    Stay active outdoors – hiking, skiing, hunting, spectating sports
    Reduce reliance on bulky garments and heavy jackets
    Safe, Instant Relief from the Cold

Adhesive body warmers offer a convenient way to raise body temperature quickly. The innovative pads provide instant, soothing relief from chills – just peel, stick and stay cozy. Keep a pack handy to ward off winter’s bite all season long.