Sore muscles and achy joints can make daily life painful. Now an innovative new pain relief cream aims to efficiently alleviate discomfort using a groundbreaking skin permeation compound for faster acting effects.

Unlike traditional pain relief creams that sit superficially on skin, the new rapid skin absorption cream contains Microzorb patented technology. Microscopic lipid particles rapidly penetrate the skin’s surface to deliver potent doses of menthol, camphor and other active pain-blocking ingredients precisely where nerves signal pain. Once absorbed into pain sensing areas, the fast-acting compounds get to work easing and soothing discomfort.

By accelerating penetration to nerves under the skin, relief kicks in much quicker than regular topical creams and lasts longer per application. The rapid skin absorption pain relief cream also leaves zero greasy residue, making it ideal for regular use whether at home or on-the-go. Say goodbye to discomfort with this revolutionary new solution and experience relief whenever you need pain relief cream.