Body warmer patches provide soothing warmth in a simple, mess-free form. But safe use requires following a few commonsense tips:

Read instructions – Follow recommended duration of use and proper disposal. Don’t reuse patches.
Do a skin test – Try on a small area first to ensure no irritation or allergy. Discontinue if rash develops.
Drink water – Stay well hydrated when using to support your body’s temperature regulation.
Never microwave – Heating a patch can make it catch fire. Patches are self-heating only.
Monitor young children – Don’t allow unsupervised use in those too young to communicate discomfort.
Avoid sleeping usage – Don’t use patches while sleeping due to risk of skin burns.
Check interactions – Ask doctor before use if taking medication or having medical conditions.
Watch adhesive – Choose hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive if you have sensitivities.
Following directions and paying attention to your body’s signals allows enjoying safe warmth from body patches all winter long. Seek medical help for concerns about burns, rashes or other reactions.