Chiropractors excel at delivering drug-free pain relief through hands-on manipulative therapies. But adding customized pain relief creams into treatment plans allows patients to extend those benefits at home between visits. Formulating creams with targeted botanicals and analgesics helps maximize results. Here’s how chiropractors can offer patients specially crafted creams for enhanced, lasting pain alleviation.

  1. The Benefits of Pairing Topicals with Adjustments
    Chiropractic adjustments aim to improve structural alignment of the musculoskeletal system. However, inflammation often accompanies issues like joint dysfunctions, sprains, arthritis, and nerve impingements. This inflammation causes pain and tenderness.
    That’s where combining in-office adjustments with prescription pain relief creams comes in. Patients can apply the topical formulas directly to irritated areas post-treatment for 24/7 relief between visits. Benefits include:
    Prolonged analgesic effects to reinforce adjustments
    Reduced inflammation that impedes healing
    Improved function and mobility of affected areas
    Convenience of quick, at-home pain management
    Avoidance of oral medication side effects
    Compounded formulas with natural active ingredients
  1. How to Formulate Custom Creams
    While over-the-counter analgesics provide mild relief, customized creams allow for targeted formulas tailored to each patient’s needs. Key considerations include:
    Active Ingredients – The right ingredients should address the patient’s unique pain symptoms and causes. Menthol, camphor, arnica, lidocaine, caffeine, and CBD offer different pain-fighting properties without systemic effects.
    Carrier Choice – Creams absorb best when blended into smooth, nourishing carriers like aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. Avoid petroleum jelly bases.
    Scent Profiles – Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and sweet birch provide calming or stimulating aromas based on patient preference.
    Texture and Feel – Opt for light, non-greasy textures that absorb quickly without leaving oily residues. This improves compliance with frequent application.
    Packaging – Dispense creams in sealed pumps or tubes to maintain potency and simplify usage while on the move.
    By formulating creams in-house, chiropractors can modify and evolve formulas in alignment with patients’ changing needs under care.

By providing targeted, specially crafted creams, chiropractors give patients the tools to extend their specialized care beyond the four walls of the practice. The outcome? Faster pain resolution, improved function, and an enhanced perception of service and value.

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