An active lifestyle and exercise puts strain on muscles and joints resulting in aches, stiffness or injuries. Heat patches provide a convenient way to manage pain and support healing whether you’re on the field or recovering from an injury.

  1. Alleviate Post-Workout Soreness
    The increased circulation and muscle relaxation created by heat patches helps ease common delayed onset muscle soreness after workouts. Apply immediately after exercise.
  2. Loosen Tight, Overworked Muscles
    Heat relaxes tissues, releases lactic acid buildup and improves flexibility in over-exerted muscles. Use patches pre-workout to boost warmups too.
  3. Accelerate Injury Healing
    Increasing blood flow to injured areas brings oxygen and nutrients for faster recovery. The heat also prevents injuries from stiffening up.
  1. Relieve Back and Neck Strains
    Placing heat patches on the back and neck provides therapeutic heat to target tension, spasms and pain in commonly strained areas.
  2. Improve Chronic Conditions
    Conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and sciatica can benefit from improved circulation and pain relief from heat therapy.
  3. Support Rehab Exercises
    Heat optimizes rehab by relaxing muscles and increasing joint mobility before exercises like post-surgery rehab.

Don’t let aches deter your performance and recovery. Heat patches are the convenient solution for relief before, during and after activity. Keep moving comfortably with the healing power of heat!

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