As Heat Patch is more and more widely used in daily life, Kangzhimei provides Heat Patch OEM service for our wholesale agents. OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, means Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that we let manufacturers provide Heat Patch OEM service. OEM service. So, what are the aspects of Heat Patch OEM service provided by Kangzhimei?

  1. Heat Patch product design:
    Product design according to customer’s needs and preferences, including packaging design, product specifications, colours and so on.
  2. Heat Patch production process:
    Kangzhimei provides the whole production process from raw material purchasing to product production, packaging, inspection, etc. to ensure product quality and safety.
  3. Heat Patch sample making:
    According to the customer’s needs to produce samples, so that customers can understand the product appearance, performance and other aspects in advance.
  4. Heat Patch Assembly and Packaging:
    Kangzhimei provides product assembly and packaging services to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transport.
  5. Heat Patch Quality Inspection:
    We carry out quality inspection for each procedure in the production process to ensure the quality and safety of the products.
  6. Heat Patch after-sales service:
    Kangzhimei provides after-sales service, including product instructions, returns and exchanges, etc., so that customers can buy and use with more confidence.

The Heat Patch OEM service provided by Kangzhimei aims to provide customers with one-stop OEM service, so that customers can produce high-quality Heat Patch products with less hassle, less time and less effort. The service will also be continuously improved and optimised according to customers’ needs and feedback to increase customer satisfaction.
When choosing Heat Patch manufacturers, customers are advised to carefully compare the services, product quality, prices and other aspects of different manufacturers to choose the most suitable partner. Meanwhile, in the course of cooperation, customers should maintain close communication and contact with Heat Patch manufacturers to ensure the smooth progress of orders and the quality and safety of products.