A body heat patch is a popular heating patch for warmth or pain relief. But what should be the proper way to dispose of a used body heat patch? Let’s introduce Kangzhimei below.

First of all, put the used body heat patch in the trash can, and don’t throw it around, so as not to pollute the environment. If you want to reuse it, you can store it in a sealed bag or box to prevent it from being damaged or losing its effect.

Second, for reusable body heat patches, the following points need to be noted:

Always check that the body heat patch is intact before use and do not use if it is broken or damaged.
If the heating effect of the body heat patch has been reduced or expired, please do not reuse it to avoid potential safety hazards.
Make sure the body heat patch has cooled to room temperature before reusing to avoid burns.
In addition, if the body heat patch contains harmful substances, please do not discard or reuse it at will, so as not to cause harm to the environment and human body.

Finally, if you have any questions about the use and safety of body heat patches, please consult your doctor or competent authority.