Body warmers are a popular cold weather gear accessory used by everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to construction workers. As a retailer, strategically displaying and organizing body warmers can spur impulse sales. Our new line of body warmer merchandising units offers smart solutions to showcase these hot-selling items.

  1. 360 Degree Visible Rotating Display
    This circular rack provides maximum visibility of body warmers from all angles on the sales floor. The four-sided vertical carousel design gives 270 degrees of unobstructed product visibility.
    Six height-adjustable cantilever arms on each side allow flexibility to merchandise body warmers of different sizes. The rotatable base enables the display to be easily spun for a full 360 product view.
    The sleek silver finish compliments various store aesthetics from sporty to industrial. Durable steel construction and ball bearing base withstand high traffic retail use.
    This body warmer rotator unit combines function and style to spotlight your merchandise. The open presentation captures attention to trigger add-on purchases at checkout.
  2. Counter Top Acrylic Display Case
    Highlight premium body warmer inventory in secure style with our new acrylic counter display. The transparent case prominently showcases products atop sales counters without clutter.
    Six shelves provide ample space to arrange folded body warmers by size, style, brand or other criteria. Change merchandise frequently to attract attention.
    The lockable hinged lid enables easy access for restocking and inventory changes. Durable acrylic material is shatter-resistant ensuring products are properly protected.
    This upscale acrylic display positions body warmers as a high-value purchase. The transparency teases customers with a peek at inventory while protecting against shoplifting.
  1. Wall-Mounted Body Warmer Fixtures
    Free up floor space while keeping body warmers in plain sight with our new wall-mounted display options. Choose from standard peg hooks, slotted tracks, or acrylic mount fixtures to highlight merchandise.
    Sturdy steel brackets and durable plastic components withstand frequent mounting and removal of body warmers. The wall-hugging designs integrate discreetly into existing décor and visual merchandising schemes.
    Maximize sales reach by mounting body warmer displays near checkouts and exit doors to spur last-minute purchases. Area wall space by popular cold weather gear like gloves and winter hats are also prime real estate.
  2. Maintain Neat Organization
    Any of our body warmer retail displays will help you maintain a neat, organized merchandise presentation. Options like the acrylic case and carousel unit prevent messy stacking or overcrowded table layouts.
    Wall fixtures and slotted tracks keep inventory crisp and aligned. Group body warmers by size, style, or brand using compartmentalized displays. Signage for categories and pricing further enhances organization.
    Shoppers are drawn to logical visual presentations. A tidy, ordered body warmer display will get your inventory noticed and attract curious browsing.
  3. Smart Storage Solutions
    With consumers shopping for cold weather gear, our body warmer merchandising options help you capitalize on sales. The displays keep these versatile accessories neatly presented and conveniently located.

Contact us today to pick display units tailored to your space and clientele! Our storage solutions will make body warmers a hotter sell this season.