With an array of body warmer patches on the market, it helps to consider a few factors when choosing products:

Heat duration – Patches provide warming for different lengths, from 5 hours to over 24 hours. Choose duration needed.
Size – Body warmer patches range from 2×3 inches to full back sizes. Opt for sizes to fit desired body part.
Adhesive – Look for strong, hypoallergenic adhesive that smoothly sticks to skin without irritating.
Activated by air – Patches should generate heat once removed from packaging through iron oxidation. No external heat source should be needed.
Added ingredients – Some patches add botanicals, menthol, capsaicin for aromatherapy or pain relief properties. Assess if these added benefits are desired.
Price – Compare prices across sellers. Bulk packages can provide savings on frequently used patches.
Testing different body warmer patches allows finding your perfect match in terms of adhesive strength, temperature and duration of warming. Soon you’ll stay cozy in any climate.