Selecting a high quality OEM manufacturer is crucial for producing safe, effective body heat patches. Companies should evaluate potential OEM partners on criteria including:

  1. Quality Systems and Certifications
    The OEM factory should meet GMP standards and hold ISO certifications for quality management and product safety. This ensures proper facilities, equipment, processes and testing.
  2. Ingredient Mixing Processes
    Precision metering and homogenization of ingredients like iron powder is critical for product performance and consistency. Look for OEMs utilizing high shear mixers and validated processes.
  3. Product Testing Capabilities
    Rigorous testing of adhesives, outer materials, packaging and finished patches should be conducted. Verify the OEM has technical expertise and testing equipment to guarantee quality specifications are met.
  1. Stability Studies Expertise
    OEM should demonstrate capabilities in stability testing programs to ensure ingredient compatibility and product shelf life through aging studies and analytical testing.
  2. Customization Abilities
    Seek an OEM able to adjust heat patch sizes, shapes, warming durations and ingredients to your specifications. This allows flexibility in product development.
  3. Clinical Trial Experience
    OEM should be able to conduct third party clinical evaluations to validate effectiveness and skin biocompatibility of the heat patches per global regulatory requirements.