As the elderly population increases and patients with chronic diseases increase, the demand for over-the-counter pain relief creams is growing. It is crucial to choose a reliable OEM manufacturer that produces consistent, high-quality products. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Drug supervision regulations for OEM factories
    Ensure that OEM factories fully comply with GMP drug regulatory regulations, including regular maintenance and calibration of production facilities and equipment, employee training, etc. This ensures quality standards for each batch of products.
  2. Product R&D strength
    An excellent OEM should have a strong R&D team that can design innovative analgesic formulas according to customer needs. Ensure there is sufficient clinical trial data to verify product effectiveness.
  1. Quality control capabilities
    Strict incoming material inspection, production process control and finished product inspection are necessary means to ensure product quality. Choose an OEM with a complete quality system and testing equipment.

Choosing an experienced and high-quality Pain Relief Cream OEM will help your products achieve market success.