When venturing out on cold winter days, remembering hand warmer patches is just as important as gloves and a hat. These innovative patches stick directly onto skin to provide up to 10 hours of soothing warmth for frigid hands and fingers. Read on to see how hand warmer patches can help you brave the elements in ultimate comfort.

  1. How Hand Warmer Patches Work
    Thin and ultra-conformable, hand warmer patches leverage a natural chemical reaction to safely deliver heat. They contain a mixture of iron powder, salt, activated charcoal and water. When exposed to oxygen in the air, the ingredients produce an oxidation reaction that releases long-lasting infrared warmth.
    The patches stick directly onto hands for targeted heat delivery. Within minutes of application, your hands will be enveloped in soothing, consistent warmth. Hand warmer patches provide on-demand heat anytime, anywhere.
  2. Keep Hand Warmers Handy during Cold Weather Activities
    Hand warmer patches are a must-have during all types of cold weather fun. Stick them on before hitting the slopes for extra hand warmth inside gloves or mittens. Or try them under regular gloves for everyday cold weather commutes or dog walking. Kids love the comforting heat during recess or sports practice.
    The ultra-slim patches even fit under formal gloves, providing discreet hand warming for dressy winter events. Hand warmer patches empower you to comfortably enjoy all your favorite cold weather activities.
  3. Reusable Warmth on the Go
    Hand warmer patches provide an eco-friendly alternative to single-use warmers. Each patch can be reused for up to 100 10-hour warming cycles. Just peel off the patch when the heat diminishes and expose it to air to re-trigger the warming reaction.
    The lightweight, portable patches are ideal for on-the-go warmth. Toss a few into your coat pocket or glove compartment so you can stick them on anytime your hands get cold. Having reusable hand warmer patches at the ready makes it easy to banish icy fingers wherever you roam.
  1. Give the Gift of Hand Warmth
    Do you have friends and family members who always complain of cold hands? Hand warmer patches make excellent gifts to help them stay cozy. The patches provide customizable, convenient warmth to conquer perpetually frigid fingers. Who wouldn’t love the gift of lasting hand warmth?
    Hand warmer patches are also great stocking stuffers or small gifts for teachers, mail carriers, maintenance workers or anyone else who works outdoors. Help the special people in your life stay warm with the gift of hand warmer patches.
  2. Banish Cold Hands for Good
    Don’t let icy fingers cramp your winter fun any longer. With handy, reusable hand warmer patches, you can quickly restore soothing warmth to frigid hands wherever you go. Ditch bulky gloves and experience ultimate portability and convenience with slim, eco-friendly patches. This winter, make hand warmer patches your secret weapon against the cold.