Body warmer pads provide a simple way to stay cozy in frigid weather. But there are some misconceptions about how they really work. Here are 5 common myths dispelled:

Myth: Body warmers immediately provide hours of heat.
False – They take 30+ minutes of air exposure to fully activate and reach maximum temperature.

Myth: Simply microwaving or boiling the pad will heat it up fast.
Don’t do this! It can create leaks and ruin the materials. Proper activation is required.

Myth: The pads never get dangerously hot since they don’t contain electronics.
Wrong – If improperly sealed, direct contact with overheated patches can potentially cause skin burns.

Myth: Body warmers only provide spot heating wherever applied.
Not true – The radiating warmth can heat your core, extremities, and whole body if used correctly.

Myth: The pads last for many years if stored after each use.
Maybe not – Most lose effectiveness after 1-2 seasons as the iron depletes. Replace annually for best performance.

Don’t be misled into improperly using body warmer pads. Follow instructions for safe, long lasting heat all winter long. Shop our high-quality selection today!